Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diet suggested by Dr.Raju for Pregnant women

Our body needs

-vitamins,minerals,enjymes,fibers. These are micro nutrients.We need them in the small quantity.

-protiens,carbohydrates,fats.These are macro nutrients. We need these in the large quantity.

When women are pregnant, they have to eat both for the baby and herself.

Here is the life style prescribed by Raju garu for pregnant women.

-As usual early morning drink 1 litre of water.

-Do walking, yoga and pranayama for 1 hour.

-Drink another 1 litre of water(depends on ur convinience.If you are not able to drink 1ltr, drink as much as you can)

-After taking bath, Drink one glass of wheat grass juice. If wheat grass is not available drink vegetable juice. (one glass of wheat grass juice = 10 glasses of vegetable juice)


As pregnant women need more protein, Have 2 handfull groundnuts(soaked in water overnight)

Eat raw coconut for good fat.

Eat sprouts for vitamins, and minerals.

have sesame seeds along with dates for calcium.

15dates for Iron.

Don't drink water for 2 hours.


eat unpolished rice(mudi biyyam)
Green leaves curry(compulsory)
any other veg curry.
soya beans or lima beans(chikkudu ginjalu)
1 cup curd
Don't drink water for 2 hours.

Around 4 or 5:
Drink fresh fruit juice (citrus fruits are best)

DINNER(must comeplet before 7pm)

If you have weight problem, you can have chapati with more curry(less oil, less salt)

If you don't have weight problem, have rice with more curry.

Between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, you should have 1 ltr of water(not at a time).


  1. how much water is advisable during pregnancy

  2. As per WHO, 4.8litres of water is advisable in pregnancy.

    You can take 4 to 5 litres of water