Tuesday, December 16, 2008

vegetable juice

By drinking this juice you can give anti oxidants, micro nutrients, electrolytes, soluble fibers to your body.It also contain the anti cholesterol items.
You can use any of the following vegetables in the juice:

Carrot (Diabetes patients should use only one carrot)

Beetroot(small piece,More beetroot can cause irritation in the throat)



bottle guard(sorakaya)

snake guard(potla kaya)

ridge guard(beera kaya)

pumpkin(boodida gummadi kaya) if available

curry leaves(4 or 5)

drumstick leaves few(if you have any eye problems)

green leaves(if you have grown them by yourselves without using pesticides)

Vegetables that should not used for making juice:

beans,any variety(chikkudu)
Green leaves

Because the to grow the above vegetables, farmers will use pesticides regularly.

Start making the juice with the carrot, tomato, cucumber and beetroot, if you want the juice to be tasty.
Once you get used to it, you can add remaining vegetables for the juice.
While making the juice put tomatoes, cucumber into the mixer or blender first(you can avoid water for grinding)

filter the juice using a cloth, add lemon and honey and have it in the morning preferably on an empty stomach. You can have it in the evening also if its not comfortable for you to have it in the morning.

Diabetes patients can add 1 table spoon of honey. Others can add up to 4 table spoons of honey.
You can replace honey with dry dates powder.

Adults can take 300ml to 400ml of juice. children can take up to 200ml of juice.

You should have this immediately. If you want to have this juice after an hour or half an hour, please keep it in air tight container. You should have this juice with in one and half an hour as juice will get oxidized.

Don't drink the juice at a time. Have it slowly so that the enzymes in the saliva can improve the digestion process.

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