Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Healthy Kitchen

Food staples to keep in healthy kitchen:

Brown Rice(unpolished rice)
unpolished wheat cream(Erra goduma ravva)
Whole wheat flour
Brown rice cream(biyyam ravva)
chapathi/pulk flour(1kg wheat,250gm Bajra flour,250gm millet, 250gm jowar,250gm soya beans)
Whole urad dal, moong dal etc(with skin)
Dry dates powder
sesame powder(fry them andmake powder)
Ground Nuts powder(fry them and make powder)
Fry groundnuts, crush them, mix it with dates and make balls
Fry sesame seeds, crush them, mix it with dates and honey and make balls
Rajma, Rice bran, soya beans,peas
All kinds of dal to make sprouts
Poha(Rice flakes)